Getting ready for wedding season

Loving Music!

As wedding dj's we can often hear the same songs over and over again, so how do we keep them fresh? Each year we go through our songs and make sure we know what we have and get refreshed with some tunes we might not have heard in a while. This year Skylar went to a WHOLE new level, he spent January-April reorganized all the music, listening into every single song and pulling out old records to not only become prepared, but to fall in love with the music again.

Going through some oldies but goodies one of the ways we get to connect, music inspires us, helps us get through tough times and gets us pumped when we need a kick in the butt. Working together can be tricky, with different music styles creating a flow that works takes practice. Currently to get ready for wedding season (the time of year we dj together the most) we have set up both sets of turntables in our home and are taking the time to create together, practice together and love music together. 

We participated in the Love In Yeg wedding show in February and created this amazing wedding inspiration mix. Check out our friend April's blog post on the show.

Enjoy this mix created special for the show.

What is your favourite song to hear at a wedding?