1990 to 2017... what has changed?

2017 Love season is almost upon us, Skylar and I had the most amazing 2016 and are looking forward to what is to come this year. Last year, we had some major highlights with a “rave” hour at one wedding and closing another with two hours of punk music. The ability to be creative, fun and share in a day filled with love, is an amazing feeling.

This year our first wedding is at the Glenora Club, a beautiful venue in the Edmonton river valley will kick off the season . One of the things we love about being apart of weddings is creating a mood or atmosphere that is special for the couple. This couple asked if we could create a 90’s power hour for their wedding, we are going to record it and post the actual wedding power hour.

The popular music from the 90’s compared to the popular music from today (the last 3-5 years) is very different. Listening to some 90’s classics I noticed how catchy and memorable the intros are. Then move to a level of energy that you just can’t stop moving to. Today the songs that are like this are different in that they still get you up and dancing but don’t have the same excitement, intensity or energy that I believe will lend itself to becoming a “classic”. Comparing Jump Around to Whip Nae Nae, they both have great hooks, fun actions, but will Whip Nae Nae be played at wedding in 20 years? For this girl Jump Around will always win out over a song like Whip Nae Nae, only time will tell.