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Janis & Wyatt - Midnight Rave

Janis & Wyatt

One part we love about being involved in weddings is getting a glimpse into their lives, friends and personalities. Janis & Wyatt (July 23rd, 2016) were special to us from the get go, they were referred by our amazing friends at Newly Sound who though we were a perfect fit for them. Janis wanted a rave during her reception dance and Skylar is an avid electronic music lover and finding out she planned to walk down the aisle to Odessa we knew a match had been made. 

We had a lot of communicating through the months preceding the wedding (some wedding we have lots and other only the odd email), Janis would send emails with songs she like and more emails of songs she liked with lists… by the time the wedding came we guess their were well over a hundred songs she’d mentioned to us. This was amazing, tons of great songs and a very clear idea of what she was looking for on her special day. When the speeches confirmed our idea that Janis was a planner we laughed (“oh she made lists for everyone.”) according to her friends she was the queen of lists, she was teased and loved, Wyatt was teased and loved and we had tear and sore stomachs from all the laughs. The love in room that night was palpable, it was special to witness so much affection for these two.

The big table was pulled out for Janis & Wyatt.

The big table was pulled out for Janis & Wyatt.

As 11:30 hit the lights went dark, up came the lasers and smoke. Everything you would find at a proper rave including glow sticks was their, including the stomping feet and crazy dance moves. Helping to create a mood and an experience is nothing less then terrifying… I mean exhilarating. It is scary and exciting, but we knew pretty quick that the vision that Janis & Wyatt wanted came together perfectly.

They left some beautiful words for us:

Sarah and Skylar are a wicked team! They are responsive, cool and really know what they are doing. They had a great questionnaire to ensure our tastes were met, and in addition to that, we had a lot personalization to add in and they went above and beyond to suit our wishes. We wanted to include a midnight rave in our reception music, and the enthusiasm Skylar showed in the meeting sealed our fate! Sarah DJ’d at my bachelorette party and nailed it! They also came to our ceremony to assist us with our music there, which really put us at ease. Their presentation and set up was top notch (hello BOSE speakers!?). They bring such great energy and really care about your musical preferences... We couldn’t imagine our wedding without the CoffeeJockeys in it. We would recommend them to everyone: a real dream-team!
— Janis & Wyatt

Coming up on one year of marriage, congratulations Janis & Wyatt and thank you for letting us be apart of your important day.