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We, like many, fell in love quickly. A coffee date, started it all and is and always will be a shared love.

Many people grow up listening to music, the two of us have similar histories, with both being in choir and playing music in different groups... the evolution was a bit different for each of us. Skylar, with is bright red mohawk was a punk kid singing in a metal band and Sarah, became a drama kid. 

As we've grown we have kept our flair for entertaining, and grown a more diverse music pallet, that said Skylar is a little more a electronic and Sarah is a little more indie. 

After marrying, we realized Skylar DJing on his own was great, but us DJing together was amazing. We have so much fun, we love the excitement when someone hears their favourite song playing and the heart felt moments through out the evening fill us with so much joy.